Look down, below this post!

2011-06-23 15:17:37 by dotorius

What do you see? Well, MinecraftEd is now ready for your watching pleasures! Be sure to rate and leave a review, I strive for people to leave me constructive criticism!

Also, due to positive response, I started on the second installment. MinecraftEd 2 will be ready within a couple weeks :)

Update: MinecraftEd: Online is currently being animated!
If it will be well received too, then I'll start on the 3rd and Final MinecraftEd! (it's gonna feature two new protagonists, but there's always room for a cameo of some sort!)

Update 2: Extremely bad news: I'll be on vacation for the following three weeks! I thought I would be home on thursday next week, but apparently, tickets don't think so... But I'll promise Online will be uploaded the day after I come back!

Update 3: MinecraftEd 2 will be released around September 3rd!


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2011-08-12 15:48:35

Awww :C

dotorius responds:

I know, right? If only Seymour hadn't been so slow with the voices it'd been up by now. In fact, I haven't even got a response from him yet..


2011-12-10 09:33:01

much luck to you!