Skyrim Toon Now Available!

2011-12-31 21:34:33 by dotorius

The milkshakes aren't free though. Those you have to pay for.

I'm warning you.


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2012-01-01 15:46:37

Our names are so similar it's frightening.

dotorius responds:


Don't tell my arch-nemesis, Notorious! He'll mistake you for me!


2012-01-03 09:52:44

man,i love your videos!!!

dotorius responds:

So do I


2012-01-19 07:24:03

are u finishing MinecraftEd3 ?

dotorius responds:

I'm working on various projects right now. MinecraftEd 3 (the animation part) is, let's say, 20% done. But I do have a Minecraft Server Advertisement coming out very soon (on mah youtube channel), so look forward to that!